12.3.23 Spin-in Recording

12.3.23 Spin-in Recording

The guild has spin-ins twice a month (1st Sunday at 5pm pacific and 3rd Sunday at 10am pacific). The spin-ins generally follow this format (guild business, guild and spinning questions, demo/program, then spin and chat), all of which is recorded for those that can't attend. However, we only record the business part of the meeting, not the spin and chat, to afford everyone their privacy and comfort. The spin and chat discussion tend to be large and lively and it's definitely worth attending if you can!

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12.3.23 Spin-in Recording
  • 12.3.23 Spin-in

    Jacey's on a mountain so everyone is lucky to have the wonderful Jillian Moreno as a guest host with show-runner Laura Linneman! Maggie Casey shows up too! Only the first 30-ish minutes are recorded for the privacy of our guild members. Once we move on from guild business and questions/answers, w...

  • 12.3.23-spin-in-chat.pdf

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    Chat transcript for 12.3.23 spin in. Again, only the business portion of the meeting is recorded (text chat included).