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S1E1.1 - Wheels: styles and parts

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Hello PLY Spinners Guild

S1E1: All about Wheels • 14m

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  • S1E1.1 - Wheels: styles and parts

    Jacey kicks off this episode by introducing wheel styles (saxony, castle, electric), the difference between single and double treadle wheels, all the important parts of wheels and how they works, and a bit about pulleys (whorls). Then she introduced the wonderful Stephenie Gasutad and tells you h...

  • S1E1.2 - Bobbin-led Double Drive

    Dear Stephenie Gaustad uses her Alden Amos double drive wheel to talk about how double-drive drive systems function. She talks about the relation between whorl/pulley size and bobbin end size and just trying different adjustments until you get it right. For close ups of how this system works and ...

  • S1E1.3 - Bobbin-led Single Drive

    Stephenie G. gives you the lowdown on how a bobbin-led single drive wheel works. She talks about what this drive system excels at and what it struggles with. For a close up of this drive system in action make sure and watch S1E1.7 (MAY-bobbin-led) where Jacey puts Stephenie's instruction into pra...