S1E3: Woolen and Worsted Demystified

S1E3: Woolen and Worsted Demystified

Woolen and worsted can be confusing, do the terms refer to yarn? to fiber prep? to drafting style? Well folks, it's all three! Jacey tries really hard to break it down and make it a little less mysterious.

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S1E3: Woolen and Worsted Demystified
  • S1E3.1 - Demystifying Woolen/Worsted: Yarns

    What's the difference between woolen and worsted yarn? Oh, so much! Jacey digs into which one is soft and squishy and which is sleek and smooth.

  • S1E3.2 - Demystifying Woolen/Worsted Prep

    Woolen and worsted is a prep too! Jacey excitedly talks about the difference between the two and why they give you the yarn they do.

  • S1E3.3 - Demystifying Woolen/Worsted: Drafting

    What's the difference between a worsted draft and a woolen draft? A couple key things that make all the difference. Jacey explains how to do each one and how the draft you choose impacts the yarn you make. She's excited about it too, imagine that.