S1E9: Charkhas and Antiques

S1E9: Charkhas and Antiques

Heavenly Bresser joins us to chat about antiques/vintage wheels, what to look for and avoid if you're in the market for one, and how to do simple repairs. Then she introduces us all to charkhas, how they work, and how to use them. A bit about drivebands, the advantages and disadvantages of different materials, how to tie the driveband knot and how to sew your driveband for an even smoother spin. To wrap up this fun and informative episode, Heavenly joins Jacey for some tea.

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S1E9: Charkhas and Antiques
  • S1E9.1 - Charkhas and Antiques: Intro

    As usual, Jacey is really excited about this episode and Heavenly Bresser. She also talks a little about our monthly spin-ins and encourages you to join us!

  • S1E9.2 - Charkhas and Antiques: Antique and vintage wheels

    Heavenly Bresser talks about antique and vintage wheels and the wheels she currently has (almost 50). She walks you through what to look for and avoid if you're in the market for your own older wheel. Heavenly discusses what repairs she's made, what repairs are easy, difficult, and what repairs a...

  • S1E9.3 - Charkhas and Antiques: Charkhas

    Heavenly Bresser welcomes you to the world of charkha spinning. She walks you through the parts of the charkha and how it works. Heavenly also talks about best fiber types and preps for charkha spinning, what kind of drafting is suitable for charkhas, and then teaches you how to get started, joi...

  • S1E9.4 - Charkhas and Antiques: Drivebands

    Heavenly Bresser dishes about drivebands in this segment. What types of materials are used, what you can use, and benefits and drawbacks of each. She also talks about and demonstrates the driveband knot and sewing your driveband instead of knotting it for a smoother spin.

  • S1E9.5 - Teacher Tea: Heavenly Bresser

    Heavenly Bresser and Jacey drink and spill the tea as they chat about spinning, wheels, family, and life.

  • S1e9.pdf

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    Here's a list of fiber and tools used in this episode along with a few resources if you want to dig a little deeper!